Borderline is the debut novel by Barry Rainsford. A compelling political crime thriller set during the miners' strike of 1984/85, the novel has been described by publishers as 'a complex and gritty piece of work' with a plot that 'weaves together into a seamless whole'. The modern noir styling of the novel creates 'a bleakness...the plot develops with a real unsettling menace'.

October 1984. After six months  the miners' strike is at its fiercest. Everyday brings yet further hostile confrontation between police and pickets at collieries across the country. In the aftermath of one such incident a picket is found brutally beaten to death.

With 600 hundred suspects, hundreds of them fellow officers, the challenge to Detective Inspector Peter Kalus  is difficult enough. That the outcome of the investigation is seen as a political cause for both the supporters of the strike and those who oppose it only adds to the pressure for a rapid solution.

Kalus soon discovers that the victim was much more than a simple miner. He was a man with enemies, any one of whom profited from his death. As the plot unfolds Kalus - a man fighting his own personal and professional demons - is lead further and further into a complex nightmare of political conspiracies, betrayals and murder. It becomes evident that others will also die unless Kalus can unravel the truth of the murdered picket; a truth that if revealed could bring down the Thatcher government and change the face of British politics forever.


How the novel evolved from idea to completed novel. Barry explains the background to the events of the strike and how he has attempted to weave these issues into such an intricately plotted narrative whilst ensuring readers are gripped by the thrilling page-turner of a crime novel that is Borderline.   READ MORE