"A complex and gritty piece of work"


"An accomplished writer...DI Kalus is an intriguing, well-drawn character"


"Weaves together into a seamless whole"


"There's a bleakness to the writing...the plot develops with a real, unsettling menace"

I couldn't put it down! I read the entire thing, cover to cover, in about a day and a half,


I found this a fantastic read - didn't want to put it down, but didn't want to get to the end and finish it! I remember the miners strike which made this book all the more real for me. Can't wait for the next book from this author.


Set in 1984 at the height of the Miner’s Strike and a time when conspiracy theories abounded about state surveillance, left wing ambitions, extremist funding of the Trades Unions, Thatcherism, police corruption, the IRA and drugs. All these strands are picked up, toyed with and trailed to keep the reader guessing until the very end.


A carefully crafted gripping read!


The story was gripping and the characters didn't feel cliched, something i've experienced with other authors. There is a real sense of authenticity, you really do believe that this could happen


Intricately, intelligently and, as far as I could see, flawlessly plotted, it was a bit slow in places but the dramatic climax was pretty satisfying


 clearly researched the period and gives a real sense of its drama and despair. The characters are engaging and memorable and help to make this a real page-turner


Brilliant read! A well written finger-biter, that kept me questioning my own assumptions as well as those of the protagonist


good characters that felt 'of their time'. Definitely a gripping read, with a plot that keeps you guessing well into the last few chapters, and I would therefore recommend it to anyone who appreciates a good crime mystery novel


Borderline proceeds at a cracking pace with a tight narrative and strong characterization; I kept turning the pages to the very end – a satisfying end that brought all the threads together with a realistic and believable solution.


The author paints a convincing picture of an almost Orwellian state machine, supremely confident in its unquestionable sense of right and happy to employ the most underhanded, unethical and anti-democratic means to secure its ends; surely it can't be an accident that the book is set in 1984.